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Open access, downloadable articles by Brycchan Carey

This page is an index of downloadable PDF offprints of some of the published articles I have written. I aim to make as many of my articles as possible available from this page, but I can only do so once the editors and/or publishers of the journal or book in which the article first appeared have given their permission. It can often take some years before a publisher is willing to do this, so my apologies if the article you are interested in is not listed here. Currently, there are only five titles available, but I hope to add to these in the near future.

Publication Details Synopsis Download Information
'Olaudah Equiano: African or American?', 1650-1850: Ideas, Ăsthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, vol 17 (2008), 229-48 This article weighs up the evidence about Olaudah Equiano's birthplace and whether he was born in Africa or America. Download as PDF [10.6mb]
'John Wesley's "Thoughts Upon Slavery" and the Language of the Heart', The Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 85:2-3 (Summer/Autumn 2003), 269-84 This article examines John Wesley's place in the British abolition movement and argues that he was an antislavery campaigner earlier than has been recognised. Download as PDF [1.5mb]
'"The extraordinary Negro": Ignatius Sancho, Joseph Jekyll, and the Problem of Biography', British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 26, 2 (Spring 2003), 1-13. This article critically re-assesses Joseph Jekyll's Life of Ignatius Sancho and argues that, despite Jekyll's assertions, Ignatius Sancho was not born on a slave ship, nor was he likely to have been baptised in Cartagena. Download as PDF [1.3mb]
'William Wilberforce's Sentimental Rhetoric: Parliamentary Reportage and the Abolition Speech of 1789', The Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual, 14 (2003), 281-305 This article considers William Wilberforce's rhetorical strategies in the speech he made in the House of Commons in May 1789, and examines the ways in which that speech was reported - and misreported - in the press. 26 pages, including notes and substantial extracts from the speech. Download as PDF [2.5mb]
'Olaudah Equiano: an African Slave in Guernsey' in The Review of the Guernsey Society, 59, 2 (Summer 2003), 47-50 This article discusses the time spent in Guernsey by Olaudah Equiano, and concludes that his presence offers evidence of slave trading in that island in the mid-eighteenth century. 4 pages. Download as PDF [0.2mb]

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