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Science Fiction

Science fiction is what I read when I'm off duty. Below are a few titles that I have recently read and enjoyed. If you'd like to enjoy them too, you can click on the link and order them from Amazon - or you can just read my review.

  Iain M. Banks, The Algebraist (2005)
Banks is the finest science fiction author currently writing in English, in my view. The Algebraist is his latest, telling the story of an academic's plunge into a chaotic gas giant in search of a secret that could unite the galaxy. It's beautifully written, frightening, inspiring, and hilarious by turns, and always a compelling read.
  Robert Reed, Marrow (2001)
Reed has created something rich and strange: a tale about a spaceship the size of a planet, occupied by mirrored captains and farting Harum-Scarums. The scale is inspiring, the writing is both poised and unexpected, and the plot is vast. A sequel, The Well of Stars, is equally brilliant, and a third installment is expected soon. Bring it on...
  Ursula Le Guin, The Dispossesed
This is one the finest novels of the twentieth century - and beyond doubt, one of the top five science-fiction novels of the last century. The book recounts the journeys, physical and intellectual, of Shevek, a physicist from a planet with no government. Le Guin brilliantly recounts the problems of intellectual revolt, and discusses politics without pushing a party line. A must read!
  Kevin J. Anderson, Hidden Empire (2000)
Hidden Empire is the first of the seven installments of Anderson's mega space opera, The Saga of the Seven Suns. Let's be honest: Anderson's writing style is not the most sophisticated you'll encounter. The plot is implausible. The characters are one-dimensional. And yet... these books are wonderful brain candy, and the series is highly entertaining, provided you put your literary critic hat on one side...

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* This page last updated 16 September 2007 *