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Notes for Contributors

Following many kind offers from many people, I welcome offers of contributions to my website. In particular, I would be keen to consider offers of intelligent essays, useful e-texts, and informative entries for the following areas: Of the pages mentioned, I would be most keen to receive offers to write entries for the British Abolitionists pages. There are far more abolitionists than I can ever find time to write about! But whatever you might be thinking of contributing, please read the following notes first:
  1. Before you write anything, please contact me first.
  2. I am willing to consider contributions from anyone, but I do ask that the contribution be yours, that it be original (or reprinted with the permission of the publisher) and that it be of a publishable standard. Contributions should also be (in the old phrase) legal, decent, honest, and truthful.
  3. I will only accept items that are relevant to my website - however good they might be!
  4. Entries on British Abolitionists have the best chance of being published. Ideally, these should be around 1000 words with a bibliography and a collection of links (if there are any). You can get an idea of what I'm after by looking at the existing entries. If you are an expert on someone on whom I've already written (in your view) a terrible biography, please offer to replace my entry!
  5. I would be delighted to add e-texts of material that has been formatted for HTML and which is out of copyright.
  6. I am not able to offer any sort of payment for your contribution, sorry. However, I will make sure that you name is very prominently featured and I will include links to your own website and/or e-mail address if you wish.
  7. The copyright on your text/images will remain yours and I will remove your material from my website within a reasonable period if you ever wish it to be removed.

* This page last updated 23 July 2013 *