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E-texts currently available on this website

This page gathers together links to all the e-texts currently available on this website. They are arranged alphabetically by author and you can click on the initial letter in the row below. The list is growing all the time, so come back soon.

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Anon. Barbauld, Anna Letitia Blake, William Bicknell, John Burns, Robert Card, Mary Birkett Cowper, William
  • Anti-slavery poems by William Cowper Includes:
    • Extracts from Charity
    • Extract from The Task
    • "The Negro's Complaint"
    • "The Morning Dream"
    • "Sweet meat has sour sauce, or, the slave trader in the dumps"
Cugoano, Quobna Ottobah Day, Thomas Equiano, Olaudah Falconar, Maria and Harriet Hardy, Thomas Harris, John Hawker, R.S. Jekyll, Joseph More, Hannah Pindar, Peter (John Wolcot) Roscoe, William Sancho, Ignatius Smith, Eaglesfield Sterne, Laurence Wilberforce, William Wolcot, John (Peter Pindar) Wordsworth, William Yearsley, Ann

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