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Gilbert White (1720-1793)

Perpetual Curate of Selborne, Hampshire; celebrated author of The Natural History of Selborne (1789).

Personal Information

Name: Gilbert White

Date and Place of Birth: 18 July 1720, Selborne, Hampshire, England

Date and Place of Death: 26 June 1793, Selborne, Hampshire, England

Spouse: Unmarried

Church: Church of England

Highest Rank in Church: Perpetual Curate

University: Oxford, Oriel

Location Information

Main Active Place: Selborne, Hampshire, England

Other Significant Locations: Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire. Oxford.

Interests and Disciplines

Major Field: General Natural History

Subfields: Ornithology, Phenology, Botany

Principal Publications

The natural history and antiquities of Selborne, in the county of Southampton: with engravings, and an appendix (London: B. White and Son, 1789).

A naturalist's calendar, with observations in various branches of natural history; extracted from the papers of the Late Rev. Gilbert White, M. A. of Selborne, Hampshire, senior fellow of Oriel College, Oxford (London: B. and J. White, 1795).

The Journals of Gilbert White, 1754-1793, ed Francesca Greenoak, 3 vols (London: Century Hutchinson, 1986-89).

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

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Standard Online Sources

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Biodiversity Heritage Library Creator Number: 9572

Clergy of the Church of England Database (1540-1835) Person ID: 38531

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Wikipedia: Gilbert White

Standard Printed Sources

These are the standard sources consulted when preparing this dataset. If White is mentioned, there will be a page number, or, if not mentioned, a dash.

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Other Printed Sources:

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Archives and Holdings

Major Holdings of Manuscripts and/or Printed Texts: Mss other papers at the Library of the Linnean Society of London, The British Library, London, The Gilbert White and Oates Collections, Selborne, Hampshire, UK, and the Houghton Library, Harvard University, Boston, MA.

Major Holdings of Biological Collections:

Notes: Gilbert's brothers John (1792-80) and Henry (1733-1788) were also clergymen with interests in natural history.

Record Created: 1/1/2023

Gilbert White and his Contexts: An International Conference, June 2025


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