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Cornwall and the Cornish

On the left is a picture of a house at Lamorna Cove, not far from Landís End. Cornwall, my childhood home, is a tough place to live in. Most pictures you will find show the sea battering the land but here the land itself is falling into the sea. On the right is the village of Brea in a thunderstorm. Everything seems black and white - but of course that is not the way things really are. Whether by sea or by land, Cornwall will always take you by surprise. It might entertain you or give you pause for thought, but it will always be different. These pages give you a selection of what Cornwall has to offer, seen through my eyes, through the lens of my camera, and through a selection of my favourite Cornish poems and folk songs. Most of the pictures were taken in the early to mid 1980s, before I moved up country, so this site is now increasingly a historical record. For more, click on the links below.

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