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Cross-section of the slave ship Brookes: from an abolitionist pamphlet circulated in the late eighteenth century

Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation

This page brings together links to the many pages on this website that offer resources for the study of slavery, abolition, and emancipation. The links will take you to more specific regions of this website where a wealth of historical, biographical, and bibliographical information is available.

These pages are frequently updated, and new pages are often added, so don't forget to bookmark this page.

Featured Content

Poems Against Slavery

Poetry was widely read in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and poets were the celebrities of the day. Antislavery campaigners in the UK and the US therefore made good use of poetry as a weapon against slavery and the slave trade.

The Poems Against Slavery page includes full texts of dozens of poems from the period 1750-1850 that used verse to protest against slavery.

It includes poems by well-known poets such as William Blake, Robert Burns, Wiliam Cowper, and William Wordsworth, as well as verse by lesser-known poets such as Thomas Day, Hannah More, William Roscoe, and Ann Yearsley.

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