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The view from the North Cornwall Coast, towards Wales (which is too far away to see)  


Most of this website is about my work and research interests. By contrast, this page is the gateway to a more personal side of my life. Over time, I'm going to provide information about and images of some of the places I know best: my family homes, backgrounds, and chosen places. Currently, there are fourteen pages of information, images, links, folk songs, and curiosities about Cornwall, three pages about Gamlingay, the Cambridgeshire village where I live, and a single page on Guernsey. I'll be adding to all of these before long, so do come back soon.

My personal background: my mother is Welsh, my father is a Guernseyman, I went to school in Cornwall, went to university in London, I have lots of friends and family in the US, I live in Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire. That's nice and simple then...

More to come shortly, so come back soon. * This page last updated 8 February 2011 *