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Ignatius Sancho's Music

A Collection of New Songs Composed by An African Humbly Inscribed to the Honble. Mrs James Brudenell by her most humble Devoted & Obedient Servant, The Author. [Ignatius Sancho, c. 1769]

Ignatius Sancho was a composer as well as a writer. He published four collections of music during his lifetime. Here are just three of his pieces. Click on them for the full score (and please let me know if you plan a performance).

Les Contes Des Fees (58k)
From: Minuets, Cotillons & Country Dances (c.1767)

Sweetest Bard (208k)
From: A Collection of New Songs (1769)

Friendship Source of Joy (190k)
From: A Collection of New Songs (1769)

A recording, Minuets & Optional Dances is availble on the Aacms label, played by the Afro-American Chamber Music Society Orchestra conducted by Janise White. It can be downloaded from iTunes, or from Amazon.

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