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About this Website

This website is the personal project of Brycchan Carey. It was started in 1996 on a university server and moved to the personal domain brycchancarey.com in 1998. It was, and still is, largely written in html and css using windows notepad. Originally written to showcase my research into Ignatius Sancho, and to share thoughts and images about my childhood home of Cornwall, it now contains more than a hundred pages dedicated to the study of slavery, abolition, and emancipation as well as a growing number of more personal pages. New content is added regularly, and the site is currently (2020) being redesigned to make it mobile-friendly.

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If you link to any page, if any link does not seem to work, if you have any corrections or additions, or if you just want to chat, please send me e-mail but do read the Frequently Asked Questions first.

Legal Notes:

  1. While I have made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information given on this website (pages in the directory brycchancarey.com and its subdirectories) is accurate, I cannot provide an unconditional guarantee that it is entirely free from error, nor can I be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury, physical or otherwise, incurred as a result of making use of information provided on this site, regardless of the accuracy or otherwise of that information.
  2. All views and opinions expressed on this website are, unless clearly indicated otherwise, those of Brycchan Carey and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of any other individual or organisation with whom or with which I may have an association.
  3. Unless clearly indicated otherwise, I am in no way responsible for opinions or information given on any third-party website to which I provide a link.
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  • If you contact me I will not give your e-mail address or any other personal details to anyone else nor share your communication more widely without your permission.

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