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Key Sources for the Database of Clerical Naturalists

This page contains a list and explanation of the key sources listed in the database of clerical naturalists.

Printed Sources:

  • Patrick Armstrong, The English Parson-naturalist: A Companionship Between Science and Religion (Leominster: Gracewing, 2000)
  • John Challinor, The History of British Geology: A Bibliographical Study (Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1971)
  • Ray Desmond, Dictionary of British and Irish Botanists and Horticulturists: Including plant collectors, flower painters and garden designers, 2nd Edition (London: Taylor & Francis, 1994)

Online Sources:

BHL, CCeD, Herbaria@Home, and Wikipedia are all open access, but ODNB requires a log in. UK users can log in for free using their local library membership number, or via their school or university library log in. Many non-UK libraries and universities also offer access. Check with your institution or public library.


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